We provide a wide range of services and solutions relevant to multiple sectors. Our vast and diverse network enables us to collaborate strategically and effectively with key government, sectoral and other stakeholders to achieve maximum results.


At AAA, we are adept at telling Africa’s stories to promote its transformation through advocacy. Our strength is understanding and translating complex issues through a compelling narrative to motivate necessary actions leading to implementation using the AAA Targeted Approach©.

Advisory Services

We help develop strategies, improve business performance, identify opportunities, evaluate risk and compliance, and enhance the value of businesses. Our team understands the importance of having the right information or recommendations when clients need to make an investment decision and provide precise analysis to assist.

Policy Development & Implementation

We approach the development phase from our depth of knowledge on a wide range of policy areas and expertise, as this is essential to achieving positive outcomes. As policy implementation remains a challenge across Africa, we are driven to provide effective solutions to change the status quo.

Project Resourcing

At AAA, we provide the right blend of resource components (people, equipment, knowledge and time) and end to end tailored services, basically anything our clients require from resource allocation, project planning, project management to execution to ensure a successful outcome.

Thought Leadership

We present and share our thoughts, ideas and those of prominent African leaders in key sectors to positively impact mindsets and serve as a go-to resource for all our stakeholders. This is published as our AAA Newsletter and can be subscribed for here.

Capacity Building

AAA offers its clients effective advocacy and stakeholder engagement training and mentoring from our experienced team of seasoned Advocates. This can either be as part of an ongoing AAA project or as a standalone request.

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